Chapter Officers

Contact Us

If you need to contact any of your OCC NTEU officers, the names by chapter are below. Names below correspond exactly as they appear in their OCC email addresses:

Chapter 298 Southern District

President - Joe Tripp

Vice President - Keith Pace

Secretary - William Luke

Treasurer - Thelma Hodges

Chapter 299 Northeastern District

President - Jason Almonte

Vice President - Jeanne Devine

Secretary - Lisa Jones

Treasurer - Steven Galletta

Chapter 300 Central District

President - Daniel Jordan

Vice President - Shawn O'Donnell

Secretary -

Treasurer - Giovanna Cavallo

Chapter 301 Western District

President - Lucille Rivas

Vice President - Mary Atma

Secretary - Donna Daniels

Treasurer - Simone Wyatt

Chapter 302 Headquarters

President - Crystal Maddox

Vice President - Heitham Ghariani

Secretary - Sara Witkowski

Treasurer - Chad Austin