How To Join


There are a few ways to complete the SF1187-Payroll Deduction form.

  1. Fill out the electronic form on
  2. Download the SF1187-Payroll Deductions form and follow the instructions below.
  3. Email your Chapter Officers and they will send you an electronic form.

This form doubles as our enrollment form for the union, while authorizing the OCC to deduct dues.

  1. Fill out boxes 1, 2, 4, and 5. (Do not use your social security number!)
  2. Fill in the appropriate Chapter number where indicated, as well as in Section B. Consult the Chapter Officers page on this website if you are uncertain about the number.
  3. Do not fill in the 'regular dues' amount in the middle of the form. This will be filled in by the agency.
  4. Fill in the email addresses requested at the very bottom of the form, including your personal email address. There are certain materials that NTEU cannot send via OCC email.
  5. Email the form to your chapter leaders.
  6. Send a copy of the scanned form to the appropriate Chapter President, as listed in the Chapter Officers page.

Member Benefits

See membership benefits on

Dues Calculation

(NOTE: Need an updated document) If you want to calculate for your own information exactly how much your Dues will be per pay period, download the NTEU Dues Calculator spreadsheet below, plug in the numbers, and you will know what your Dues will be.

Retiree dues are $42 annually. Part-time employee dues are pro-rated.