Compensation Addendum Ratification

December 21, 2011


TO: OCC Chapter Presidents

RE: Ratification of Compensation Addendum to the OCC-NTEU Collective Bargaining Agreement

SUMMARY: NTEU and OCC have reached an agreement on employee compensation. The agreement is now submitted to members for ratification.

I am very pleased to finally transmit to you for ratification the attached Addendum to the Collective Bargaining Agreement between NTEU and the OCC covering employee compensation. This agreement was the result of NTEU’s efforts to include a provision in the Dodd-Frank legislation to require the OCC to bargain with NTEU over employee pay and benefits, like NTEU does at the FDIC, NCUA and the SEC. So for the first time, employees are protected from unilateral changes by the agency, and NTEU has strived to make the OCC’s systems for merit pay and bonuses more fair, transparent and credible. I am pleased that we were able to reach an agreement with the OCC that provides for fair and reasonable pay increases and improved benefits for OCC employees, even in the face of a difficult economic and political environment.

I have also attached a document which summarizes some of the highlights of this consolidated agreement, as well as a flyer for use to use to promote ratification of the agreement. These documents will be particularly useful to educate employees about the many benefits and protections afforded by the agreement and why members should vote to ratify it. If you have any questions about the agreement, please contact your National Field Representative.

Under the terms of Article XV of the NTEU Constitution and Bylaws, each chapter must hold a chapter meeting (in person or by conference call) and conduct a ratification vote within 30 calendar days after receipt of this letter and inform me of the results of the vote via e-mail to, by facsimile at 202-572-5641, or overnight delivery. Only dues-paying members are eligible to participate in the ratification vote. However, you may want to invite nonmembers to observe your chapter meeting in order to encourage them to join.

Meetings must be held on employees’ own time, either during lunch or before or after duty hours. There are no formats or quorum requirements for such meetings, as long as a ratification vote is taken. Absent a provision in your chapter bylaws requiring a ballot box vote, a voice vote, or a show of hands is sufficient. A digital copy of the agreement is attached.

I look forward to receiving the results of the ratification vote and to working with you to implement the new agreement and recruit new members around its many benefits and protections.

Colleen M. Kelley

National President